Dan Tapiero: ‚There is no doubt that Bitcoin will surpass gold‘.

According to the co-founder of Gold Bullion International, Bitcoin could reach a price between $300,000 and $500,000

Dan Tapiero, co-founder of Gold Bullion International, believes it’s only a matter of time before Bitcoin reaches a six-figure price.

Host of Anthony Pomp Podcast, Tapiero said Bitcoin’s potential for appreciation is incredible, but he believes investors should own both gold and BTC:

„In the next five years the price of gold could reach $4,000 or double that. But if gold will reach $4,000, then Bitcoin will reach a value between $300,000 and $500,000, i.e. an appreciation of 20 or 30 times. […]

Even in the world of gold […] no one would deny this fact.“

Tapiero predicts that institutional investors and financial whales will invest between 5 and 15 percent of their portfolios in Bitcoin, underlining that this industry is currently worth $100 trillion:

„That’s a huge sum. I mean, 15 percent of 100 trillion is 15 trillion“.

Bitcoin is a cover for the fiat system, he explained: when market capitalization reaches a value of several trillion dollars, it will become easier for large investors to manage.

Gold is a valuable reserve, but this is only one aspect of BTC. Bitcoin is an entire network, which is why it will become much bigger than gold:

„There is no doubt that Bitcoin will outgrow gold.“

Many other analysts have expressed positive opinions about Bitcoin. Brian Estes, chief investment officer of Off the Chain Capital, predicted that BTC could easily exceed $100,000 in a year and even reach $288,000 by the end of 2021.

CNBC presenter Jim Cramer also strongly believes in Bitcoin’s future. Despite his scepticism during the 2017 bull market, he recently spoke out in favor of using BTC as a hedge against inflation:

„I think my children, when they receive my inheritance, will feel more comfortable with cryptocurrency than with gold.